Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quoteasbun #2 ; March 2011

1. Kissing is like cooking. It takes so many ingredients and so much emotion to make it perfect.

2. Marriage is like dancing. Depending on the songs, each partner must take turn in leading the dance.

3. Never ever underestimate the little things that build up your comfort zone. A tiny weeny crack on them will send you gasping for air, like a big fish stranded on land.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quoteasbun #1; March 2011 edition

The center of the Universe
You are not the center of the Universe; the Sun is. But, if you must insist that you are, then, be more like our Sun. The Sun occasionally allows Earth or Moon to pass its orbit, which resulting in moments we call eclipse. In short, not everything around you is always about you. Be wise and be sensitive to other people's need and feeling.

Negative thinking people often fail to embrace the positive things that happen to them. Instead of showing real appreciation, they stay persistent in their negativity till their worst thoughts are proven correct.

Be like water
Love a person who loves you back like you are his/her drinking water. Always pure and forever in need of you.
Don't waste your love on someone who loves you like you are his/her dessert. Only for five minutes pleasure and usually sinful to the waist.