Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am a fan, so what ?

*dedicated to my La Furia Roja 2010.
Hours ahead of the historic "All European" Grand Final.
July 11th 2010. World Cup, South Africa.

*dedicated to my fellow Spain fans. Especially to Od, you are one hell of a fan !

Being a sport fan is usually more intense compare to the other types of fan. The intensity varies from sport to sport. There is the politeness kind of intensity in tennis and in golf. The fans usually grunt and cheer with their teeth and jaws clapped shut. Classy is the way to describe these fans. In football/soccer, the intensity is downright ugly, barbaric, and brutal. One soccer fan is loud enough. Put more of those in the same room and the room will explode with thunderous roars and firecrackers. That is the amazing irony about soccer games. All kind of noises are permitted and all sorts of technologies are not. I am so proud to be one of the fans; this is a perfect way to express one self completely.

Aside from being brutal, a football fan is also a smart-ass, meaning we think we know our team the best. We think we know how to play the game the best. We think we have the smartest strategy to win, bla bla bla. We also expect too much of our players. We want them to push their body beyond maximum ability, to fight for the ball, to kick, to jump, to twirl, to somersault, to fly, and to fall face-flat to the ground. We don’t tolerate whiners on the field, even when someone just fell down and cracked some bones, all in the name of football. “Get up, you sissy! It was nothing!” We think that the football players’ bodies are made out of steel and bricks. Off the record, I was all teary and sobby when my toddler daughter accidentally step on my toe, but again, my body is not built for a professional athlete… so it’s ok for me to wince a little.

I love soccer. It is a simple game. One can play anywhere, anyplace, and anytime. No need for rackets, nets, hoops, or water. Just a simple ball will do. In its simplicity comes the greatest teamwork known to mankind. The eleven players on the field work as one mind and one body. They are all equipped with mind/body reading of those from their own team, there’s no time to pause the game to communicate or to write down the instructions and strategy to each other.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

La Furia Roja

La Furia Roja

Walau terseok-seok
Kalian bukan manusia keok
Walau tertatih-tatih
Bukti kalian pasti

Memang bola itu bulat
Tekad kalian lebih hebat
Biru, Putih, Oranye menghadang
Hanya ke Merah mata memandang

Aku asli wanita
Aku juga asli mafia bola
Aku bisa manis, bisa pula sadis
Jadi jangan kau bikin aku menangis

Friday, July 2, 2010


I don’t remember the last time I ever forgave anybody including myself. That’s probably because I’ve never done it. Forgiving is one of the hardest thing to do. Because forgiving means letting go all of the hatred, the bitterness, and the hurt that we’ve experienced. Cursing and hating those who caused us pain is a lot easier. There’s no single pain that is deeper than the others. Once you are pained, the discomfort is all the same.

Forgiving, like any other things in life, is a healing process. It takes time and courage to do it. It takes much a bigger heart to accept others as they are without the necessity for us to correct them or to change them. Some people are so lucky that they are able to forgive others all at once. Meaning, they can let go completely – the hurt, the sadness, the past – to step forward into a new life. Their steps will definitely lighter than before. Some people can’t forgive that easily. They do it piece by piece. These people still carry a bit of the grudge over their mind while slowly letting go of the other piece. Either way, start forgiving is better than not at all. If we don’t learn how to forgive and to let go, we would end up carrying all the sadness inside us. It would change the way we view the world and its people. We could become exactly like the person whom we hate. We could become selfish, ignorant, and full of self pity.

I was forced to forgive somebody lately. I had no choice since the hatred inside me was growing stronger each day, it clouded my happiness and the people’s around me. Nobody wanted to hang out with the snappy bitchy witch who was angry all the time. Once I took that first step of letting it go, I was overwhelmed by the soothing feeling. It felt like someone had removed the dark cloud that’s been hanging over my head. I can smile again - genuinely - not forced nor fake. I gradually push away those people that I forgave out of my mind. Their presence there had made my mind heavier and my heart blackened prior to my forgiving process. I need this space for sunshine, rainbow, and laughter. I must fill this space with the people who I love and with the things which I love. I am still in the process of letting go completely, let the time lead the way.