Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Menuju kehidupan yang lebih langsing

Problema klasik post-holiday di kalangan manusia awam adalah bertambahnya ukuran lingkar perut, pinggang, dan paha akibat pola dan jadwal makan yang berantakan. Pada saat liburan, kita makan berdasarkan mood, bukan need. Happy mood makan, tired mood makan, shopping mood makan. Kesuksesan sebuah liburan diukur dari keberhasilan kita memaksimalkan kapasitas mood makan. Maka tak heran bila banyak orang ingin dirinya bertambah langsing sepulang liburan. Paling tidak, kembali ke ukuran semula lah. Saya tak terkecuali. Apalagi setelah dikomentari kiri kanan,"Gendutan ya, Melllll..."

Jadilah saya serius merumuskan rencana untuk menuju kehidupan yang lebih langsing. Enaknya kalau punya tujuan yang sama dengan teman-teman seperjuangan. Disambut baik dan dijalankan bersama-sama. Ternyata, urusan diet itu susah sekali. Selalu ada rangsangan buat makan. Selalu ada alasan untuk membuka kulkas dan mengunjungi dapur/kantin, dan mengintip meja makan. Niat dan disiplin diri sendiri yang kokoh sangat penting untuk kesuksesan sebuah diet. *ehm*

Tidak hanya satu tujuan langsing yang ingin saya sukseskan tahun ini. Saya punya dua target kehidupan langsing. Selain langsing fisik, saya juga ingin langsing pikiran. Artinya, saya tidak mau terlalu banyak mikir yang berat dan tidak-tidak. Saya tidak mau membebani pikiran saya dengan pikiran negatif dan rasa cemas yang berlebihan. Ini semua membuat pikiran saya gemuk, kelebihan lemak jahat yang tak perlu. Kalau mau langsing fisik saja susah, langsing pikiran adalah juaranya. Jika skala kesulitan langsing badan itu 10, skala untuk langsing pikiran adalah 1000. Susaaah pol!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tangled : A (not) Princess Story

I've never realized how complicated my life was until I forgot some of my documents' passwords. Oh yes, don’t worry. I've got an emergency document that enlists all of my important documents and passwords, specially made for a situation like this. Unless, in my recent scenario, I forgot the password to that so-called emergency document too. It's like Alibaba, the King of Thieves, got himself stranded in front of his own treasure cave because he forgot how to "open sesame" it.
Come to think of it, I forgot more than half of my banking passwords, my internet this and that passwords and the numbers on my luggage locks. Geez, I even forgot my own mobile number sometimes, let alone its SIM card password.

Do we have to memorize so many passwords in our life? Remembering families’ important days and events has already occupying quite a number of spaces in my brain. With my age catching up, I found myself depending more and more to my other smart gadgets to do my memorizing. Thank goodness we have facebook to help remind us of other people’s birthdays, unless… one day I forgot my facebook password. Heaven forbids something unexpected happen to my helping gadgets. Don’t crash! Don’t lose it! Don’t hang! Just don’t…!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This little thing called Holiday

The problem with long holiday is that we rarely realized that it had already started in the beginning of it; dropped dead bored in the middle of it; and begged mercifully for an extension at the end of it.

“What is it with you people?” asked Holiday frustrated. “Don’t I look tempting enough for you to be savored and enjoyed unconditionally?”

Time came in, answering Holiday’s frustration. “Nahh, you’ll get used to it. It’s just this little thing with human. They took us for granted sometimes.” Happiness moved lazily beside Time,” Yeah. That happened with me too. It’s said to be part of their journey to learn, to be appreciative.”

Holiday shrugged,” Oh well, there’ll be more holiday to come. At least they cry over me at the end of the each holiday. That means they love me, right?”

RIGHT! So…right!

*Note from mellyberry:
This is what happens when my brain is still in holiday mode and my schedule has (already) force me to work.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Woohoo! Holiday!

Things that only the Clown Kids did

Bali 2010

1. Ate Sushi Tei 3x in Bali, as if they’ve never ever tasted it anywhere else before. In Jakarta, for example.

2. Fell into the fish pond while feeding the fish. Not once. But twice. Granted to entertain the hotel guests and staff.

3. Took fresh bread from the buffet table to be fed to the fish. They got scolded by the waiters. We pretended that these Clown kids were not ours.

4. Scratched by a squirrel while feeding it with peanuts. That was 1-0 for the squirrel.

5. Blew out the candles that lit the pathway to a romantic restaurant in Karma Kandara. “Wait, they are not birthday candles, kids,” said the concierge lady with a smile.

6. Messed out the art stuff in every art shops from Ubud to Seminyak. As if looking and admiring was not enough for these kids. They had to touch, rearrange, break and criticize some of the stuff in every shops. Oh, the horror in the shopkeepers’ faces. We had to buy something from the stores as our way to apologize.