Friday, April 29, 2011

mellyberry children books


Will it be nice if we only play with people who are similar to us? People who wear the same color of clothes, eat the same color of food, or play the same color of toys? Will we be happy if everything we own - pets, cars, or houses - are in the same color?
No? You don't think so? Well, some folks in this story thought otherwise. Let's see if what they thought was right.

Why Animals Can't Talk

A long time ago, both animals and humans were able to speak. But, one of them wanted something more. Did they get what they wanted? And how did greed reward them in the end?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Slide to unlock' Parenting

“Now is a fast paced digital era.” Got it!
“Everything must be fast or else.” Check!
“Speed, speed, speed!” Agreed!

Inevitably, we are also becoming the generation of smart gadgets. Long gone is the generation of mobile phones, desktop computers or laptops that require a certain amount of time to reboot, to start up and to shut down. With the Apple products streaming down into the market, we are so spoiled by the speed (and the simplicity) of that "slide to unlock" button. It takes us only zero point zero zero second for the gadget to start up and completely running, assuming your service provider has done their job.

Speed. Simplicity. Comfort.
That's me and my partner gadgets. I demand nothing less than speed, simplicity and comfort. In my relationship with other human being, I stay close to the quality that my gadgets have provided me. That includes the way I run my work life, my social life, and yes, my family life.

In parenting, I'd love to manage my kids through speed, simplicity, and comfort (to me). In reality, children are not always up to speed, they are not always simple to handle, and they are not always stay in our comfort zone. I know that children require more effort and time to be understood and to be nurtured. I read dozens of books and articles about parenting. I consider myself the modern type of parent. You know, the one who is cool, well informed and democratic.