about mellyberry

I am a wife of a Prince Charming and a mother of two adorable Clowns.

I love everything about reading and writing. Going to the book store for me is like going to the shopping malls for most women. I read basically everything from fiction to non-fiction, from chicklit novels to classic love stories, from children tales to philosophy books, from magazines to blogs.

I’ve been writing since I was in 5th grade. The writing in this blog is about my life - mostly as a mom and as a woman - and about the life of so many fabulous women out there. I am so lucky that I am surrounded by many real superwomen/moms who are not only my friends and my family, but also my source of inspiration. You will find stories about friendship, about love, about parenthood and about kids, to name a few. In “The Journey of the Clown Kids”, I tell stories about how my kids go through their day to day life and how they see things from their innocent eyes.

Beside this blog, I also occasionally write in the Jakarta Post blog http://imo.thejakartapost.com. Come and follow me on twitter @themellyberry.
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Thanks for reading the mellyberry.