Thursday, February 26, 2015

Haters Gonna Hate; Frauds Gonna Cheat

You know that saying If someone betrays you once it’s their fault; if they betray you second it’s your fault?

If I were to be judged by that saying alone, I would obviously qualified as an idiot. A certified ISO10000 idiot.

I’ve been making the same mistake and having the same problem with people whom I worked with. Not all, a few of them only. Different set of people, but more or less the same problem. Let’s face it, there are people out there who would not play fair, who would not play nice, who would deceive you, who would only come to you when they need you to do (free) favors for them—or worse, trick you to make you work for them for nothing, who would cheat, who would run away (by not answering your messages, ignoring you, giving you excuses, playing dumb, acting immature) when it was their turn to fulfill their obligation, who would disappear from the face of the earth when it was time for them to pay you. 

First time: learning experience.

Second time: still learning experience.

Third time: WTH?! WTF?! WTFF?!

Then I stumbled into this picture.

When we say we need to prioritize our goals, it also means prioritizing our battles. We need to be choosy, selective, because most of the battles with the haters, unprofessional, immature people will only slow our journey down. But it doesn’t mean we walk away and forget, guys. Experience is there to teach us something, to make us a better person.

My husband told me that every time he crossed path with haters or fraud people, he would Like their hate post on Facebook, would RT their hate tweets. He said it drove them crazy because, what the hell, man? I’m trying to insult/trick/take advantage of you and you, what, like me?

Ha. Ha.

Anyway, I get what he was saying. I get what the picture was saying. I get what everyone else was saying…

Prioritize, learn, prioritize, learn. 
Repeat as long as you live. It’s okay to be an idiot once in a while, as long as it's not a permanent disease that can’t be cured.

March on, people. 
Your journey is way more important than a few barking—or disappearing, deceitful—dogs.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Valentine's Day

I'm in the middle of writing the sequel to my novel MY LEA, and because it's Valentine's week, and because I'm so enamored with this Fifty Shades movie phenomenon, I decided to make my fictional characters a part of this too. 
Here's what happened when Lea and Andrew meet Christian Grey :)

Andrew picked up the Fifty Shades book Lea had left on the coffee table. He turned it over and read the synopsis. Then he flipped the pages the way a guy would flip a Playboy magazine looking for pictures. 
Lea counted mentally. One, two, thr--
"How come a twenty something guy became a billionaire in such a short time?" he asked, raising his eyebrows mockingly at her as if she was the author of Fifty Shades of Grey. Yeah, she wished.
More flipping ensued. "Does this author know anything about business?" 
Lea shrugged. "She does know a lot about sex. Last time I checked, sex outsells business books."
There was a pause. 
Lea lifted her head. 
Andrew's shoulders shook with silent laughter. 


My friend: You really believe life is unfair?
Me: Of course I do. 
My friend: Give me an example.
Me: Fifty Shades of Grey. Average writing, bad prose, one-dimensional characters, no story plot, bestsellers.
My friend: You forgot hot sex.
Me: Yes. Hot sex. Lots of it.
My friend: Then it's fair. 

Moral of the conversation : hot sex = bestsellers = life is fair.


A rare Valentine's Day conversation I have with my husband this week :

Hubby: Wow. This Fifty Shades thing really kicks ass, huh? I mean... look at this.
(he shows me ads from Amazon and other medias) They offer a set of Fifty Shades handcuffs and flogger as a Valentine's gift as opposed to the usual flowers and chocolate.
Me: (impassive)
Hubby: It's a big deal, honey. Not many people has the ability to rewrite a (Valentine's Day) history.




XOXO,  mellyberry

Monday, February 9, 2015


Everyone has to start somewhere, and three years ago I've started somewhere with these babies. Now I'm standing with a new adult novel MY LEA, and nine children’s books  (one is on its way soon).
Still a long way to go, I know, but I will stop now and then and just be grateful 😇...