Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Men 3G

Men 3G (Gadget, Gadget, and Gadget)
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It is not a top secret that men are addicted to gadgets, just like women are addicted to handbags and shoes. Some of these addictions are cure-able, but in my history of living in this hi-tech gadget nation, this gadget epidemic is beyond help.

Whenever there are gatherings - family's or friend's- the men would form themselves a group. I call it the fruit corner because all they ever talked in this fruit corner was about apple and berry. Apparently, these two types of fruit are now on top of the fruit chain. The accessories that go with these fruits are much more sophisticated and more expensive compare to the regular grocery bags that we usually get at the end of the cashier counter in the supermarket.

The funny thing about men and their gadgets is, they like to compare and try out each other gadget, even if their gadgets are the exact same brand, containing the same type of applications. I don't see women swap their shoes with each other, especially if the models and the type are the same.

The men also like to check out the bits and pieces of their gadget (aka accessories) frequently. They will wonder in the electronic stores/ malls every week and check out online stores for programs and other possible new gadgetry every waking hour. Don't they know, that even the brightest researcher / technician who are employed by my Uncle Jobs, won't be able to come up with anything new or breakthrough gadget/ application in 24x7, let alone in less than 24 hours. I keep telling my husband that, and he keeps staring at his computer and frantically exploring all of the pages that he could find on his gadgets. Weird! We don't go checking on LV shops every day. And our bags models, types, and collection vary by a huge number compare to the men's gadgets. If you do the checking constantly and frequently, you will lose all your restraining order not to buy anything, honey.

The trend of this fruit corner is growing rapidly. It is berry cute at first, then it's annoy- yawn-ing for the ladies. If people put an effort in studying this trend, they will find out that this trend's growth exceeds twitter's.

I have no choice but to listen to the men conversation about their fruit gadgetries in more than one occasion, and in all of those conversations, the men always brought up the size issue. So it is safe for me to conclude that, in the eyes of men, size DOES matter. If your man, for whatever reasons, says to you that he thinks size does NOT matter...well, he lies. Point blank!

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