Friday, April 29, 2011

mellyberry children books


Will it be nice if we only play with people who are similar to us? People who wear the same color of clothes, eat the same color of food, or play the same color of toys? Will we be happy if everything we own - pets, cars, or houses - are in the same color?
No? You don't think so? Well, some folks in this story thought otherwise. Let's see if what they thought was right.

Why Animals Can't Talk

A long time ago, both animals and humans were able to speak. But, one of them wanted something more. Did they get what they wanted? And how did greed reward them in the end?

Days and Nights

When Prince Brite and Prince Nite were born, the whole Kingdom celebrated with a blast of happiness. Peace and prosperity soon followed. But ambition and greed clouded the the Kingdom's future.
What had become the fate of the two Princes?
This enchanting tale will tell you more about honoring promises, sharing kindness and storing away selfishness.

My Best Friend

Andy is devastated when he learns that his very best friend will move to another country. He does exactly what any other boys would do in his situation. He sulks, he whines and he does everything in his power to stop his best friend from moving out.

The Last Dinosaur

Life in the jungle was never the same again when a strange egg hatched.
A baby dinosaur was welcomed into the world. Little did he know that his adventurous journey was about to start. Once the baby dinosaur grew up, he had to struggle to find his place in this part of the jungle.

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