Monday, June 20, 2011


I am saying a BIG thank you wholeheartedly to my husband, and especially to my dearest friends - here and there, near and far - who have been supporting my alter ego, mellyberry, from the very beginning - before the books, before the blog, before nothing.
No words can ever truly express my feeling of comfort in seeing familiar faces and encouraging smiles among the stranger crowds.

Thanks for putting aside your valuable time in attending the event, in driving through Jakarta's impossible traffic, in buying and reading and promoting my books and my blog. But most of all, thanks for patting my back and believing that dream, any kind of dreams - big or small, crazy or sane, possible or impossible - with God's blessing and hard work, can come true :)

Who would ever thought that Rainbow and Animals Can't Talk, the first two fables that I invented out of nowhere years ago as my bedtime stories with my son, are now in the hands of many more children, got illustrated by top illustrators in their field (not just one, but 5 top children's illustrators) ?

Only one more thing left to do, I am taking my sling bag, putting on my crocs and heading out to the next destination : SKY.



*picture courtesy of Cereal Nation


  1. Congrats, Melly. Have read your books already. Can say nothing, but WONDERFUL!! It's not just colorful, totally "good looking" with their hard covers, but also meaningful! ^^

    -Agnes Bemoe-

  2. I looooooooooveee the books :) especially the one with my sister's drawing. I wrote about Over The Rainbow on my blog Keep spreading the love ;)

  3. You are very welcome, Mel... Your success makes me believe that no dream is too high to achieve... Thanks for inspiring me... :)