Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MY LEA Release Day

My Lea, my debut novel is released worldwide TODAY! I’m officially an indie author and proud to be one. I imagine holding out a toast. “Here is to FIRST step.”

This is a monumental moment for me, both as a person as well as an author. As you might know, English is not my first language. It took me two hours to write this post; it took me three years to write a full-length novel in English. I’ve driven my editors and proofreaders mental (so sorry) coz they had to deal with more mistakes found in my script compared to the ones written by American, British, or Australian authors.

Putting my work out there in the unknown world is risky. And scary as hell. Some people might love it, some people might hate it. Some people might hate it with a passion!

Am I crazy? Absolutely. Believe me, up till last night, I still entertained the idea of cancelling the whole thing because THAT would be a lot easier to handle. But, again, everyone has to start somewhere and I need to finish what I started. Might as well be here and now :)

My biggest hope with the release of MY LEA is that I could inspire others—kids, young people, middle-aged people, aspiring authors, dreamers—to have faith in themselves. Don’t be afraid to try. Don’t be afraid to fail. Focus on elements you can control (writing, producing, and having fun); forget the ones you cannot (worrying about what other people think).

Before we start, please spend a moment in reading this warning.

*MY LEA is a New Adult Contemporary. It’s not a children’s book, not a chicklit, and not a YA either. This book is NOT suitable for readers under 18 due to mature language and content. As two of the reviewers brilliantly put it in their review page:

“Don’t go into this expecting a normal romance, expect to read something a bit uncomfortable that you won’t easily forget.”

“… if you want something unforgettable and takes the word “angsty” into a different level, you don’t need to wait that long.”

So, here is the link to MY LEA in some of the sites. I do hope you guys will enjoy it and understand the underline message I tried to say in MY LEA. I’m using my sixth sense to persuade you to love it… not really… well… maybe I did (evil laughter). 
Appreciate if you’re willing to leave a review on the sales sites or Goodreads afterwards :)

Kobo (Worldwide distribution)  http://goo.gl/CpWshm

Inktera Page Foundry (Worldwide distribution)  http://goo.gl/nJKJMD

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PG1HRY0

Amazon UK  http://goo.gl/k4IjV4

Amazon Canada  http://goo.gl/UttT7M

Amazon Australia  http://goo.gl/xgMOSy
Amazon Japan  http://goo.gl/shSpUM
Amazon India  http://goo.gl/K3sxMR
Apple iBooks  http://goo.gl/LCH7cJ

Scribd (Worldwide distribution)  http://goo.gl/7Gatke

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