Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gone Girl Movie

Meet my brand new, still wrapped in plastic, Gone Girl novel that I bought in... well.... 2012. Don't pay attention to the Darth Vader next to it. I need something to hold the book when I took its picture.

Anywaaaay.... I cheated. I chose to watch the movie first before I read the book. Shame, shame, I know.
So I watched it and -- whoa! My husband and I were glued like helpless dolls in our seat because whoa! WHOA HO HO!
It was freaking awesome. Creepy. Awesome. Creepy. And WHOA!!!

If you haven't read or watched Gone Girl, go run to bookstores or wherever now.

I will definitely read the book even when I've already known the ending.
I can't imagine how powerful it would be, seeing the scenes through words 😍

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