Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Favorite Character

My most favorite character to write is Andrew

He’s such a complex individual, he’s not easily defined as black or white. As matter of fact, I can’t truly pinpoint what color spectrum Andrew’s personality is. 

He’s so flawed, he’s real. 
He’s a hero, but not the ordinary Prince Charming. 
He’s a villain, but not the heartless monster who burns down every living thing within his sight. 
He’s a human being, not a Knight in shining armor. 
He makes mistakes. He fixes it. 
He protects the people he loves. 
He feels responsible for everyone’s happiness but his. 
He’s a coward; he’s a warrior. 
He’s one contradicting man with many layers to his personality. I don’t even want to start mentioning his bleak past.

After three years of writing, Andrew and Lea's story finally comes to an end. I cherish every moment I have with all of the characters. If I were allowed to choose a favorite, I'd pick Andrew. He holds a very special place in my heart. Watching him grow is an amazing experience.

I Won't Break release date : February 2, 2016

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