Monday, May 24, 2010

Hmm..It's Mama's blackberry!

The Journey of the Clown Kids

Mike : Why do you like playing blackberry so much, Ma?
Me : Why do you like playing NDS so much, Mike?
Mike : (grinning) Oh..

The conversation ended and never resurfaced again. Total understanding is the best conversation of all. If only some of the tough negotiations in the world could be accomplished like the one we just did, the world peace is coming nearer to us than ever.

Nina asked me some questions. My hands and my mind were (still) glued to my blackberry and my longest-most creative answers were “uh-huh” , “hmm” , “err”


On my desperate attempt to threaten Mike

Me : Mike, if you don’t study now, I‘ll take away your game and your toys.
Mike : Mama, if you don’t listen to me now, I’ll take away your blackberry.

Mike drew me a nice picture on this recent Mother’s Day. It was the drawing of my laptop and my blackberry. And he wrote : To Mama. Your hobbies are reading book, playing computer, and playing blackberry. I love you.

Nina chooses iphone over blackberry.

Nina : I like Papa’s iphone. It has games, pictures, and glee. Mama’s blackberry is boring.

Nina took some of my blackberry’s casings and put them in her ear

Nina : Hello... Mama? Mama?
Me (pretend to put my blackberry in my ear) : Hello… Is this Nina?
Nina : No. (chuckle) This is mama’s blackberry talking.

Over a meaningless argument on who’s using smart phones more, Robby and I forgot that Michael was with us in the same room. So when we were stubbornly accusing each other of abusing the use of our smart phones, Mike interrupted

Mike : Papa, Mama uses her blackberry all the time at home when you were in the office. Everywhere. In her room, in my room, in dining room, in bathroom.

Papa : HA! Got you!

Mike : But Papa, you also play with your iphone the room, in the bed, in the stairs, when watch TV, when watch movie, in the restaurants..

Papa : No, not all the time.. sometimes you play with my iphone too, Mike

Mike : No lahh. You only give it to me so that Mama won’t yell at you when she saw you playing with your iphone all day...

Whenever Mike was unhappy with me, he always took away my blackberry and hid it in the most magical places. It felt like he was punishing me. His favorite places include his sock drawer, his garbage bin, my bathroom utensil cabinet, the fork-spoon drawer, remote control compartment, and in his school bag.

Mike : Mama, why do you have mellyberry and blackberry?
Me : They are twins, Mike.
Mike : Awesome!

Me (punching on my blackberry): Wait, Mike.. I am still working..
Mike : No, you are not. You are playing blackberry.
Me : (..punching and typing) I am working. I am typing an important email.
Mike : No, you are not. You are playing blackberry. Working is like Papa. Go to the office and type the computer.

When watching a movie together in my room, Mike and Nina noticed that one of the character was carrying a blackberry in his hands. They both shouted with pure excitement

Clown Kids : MAMAAAA... Come hurry! Your blackberry is on TV!

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