Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Idol 9th season

Okay Lee, you’ve won the 9th American Idol title. Congratulations! If we want to be honest, Crystal’s singing performance was way ahead of yours last night.. but, again, it’s OK. It’s been decided and let’s move on. (Hey, I am the Queen of Bitchiness. This was my first reaction to the news)

Everyone would –no doubt- agree that Lee and Crystal were the best singers this season. They gave out everything they’ve got - their talent , their confidence and their determination (as Simon said, 10 out of 10).
When I heard from my friends that Lee won, I couldn’t believe it. I watched the finale twice. Twice! And in both of them (haha), Crystal was the better singer than Lee. In paper, Crystal had won the title, the jury kind of believed it too. So what’s the matter? My friend and my sis-in-law tried to answer my thundering question. ‘Lee is more commercial, both the face and the voice.’ ‘America fell in love with Lee cos he isn’t boring, he is cute and vulnerable, like a cutie little puppy.’ ‘If Casey James or Katie Stevens were in the finale, they could win too. These two were more commercially sellable than the rest of the contestants.’ ‘Well, Lee is commercially sellable sih, Mel. Not fair, but that’s the truth.’
So, talent and determination won’t guarantee you to win the title, huh? Maybe not, but not to worry.

Crystal, you are an amazing singer. Losing sucks! It is. Once you’re done saying that to yourself, let’s get up and leave. Everything happens for a reason. Believe me, I am old(er) enough to tell you that. A bigger plan is currently being written for you and when it’s time, it will be yours. Stop staring at that American Idol Winners door. Go pack your guitar, your love of music, your talent and your determination and head straight to the other door which said American Idol Should’ve Been. Inside you’ll meet the members like Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert. They’ll tell you– no doubt - how losing sucks. But they also will tell you, that you need to keep making your own path, making your own history. Go, girl! Make it happen!

And as for Lee, good job, my boy. Hallelujah! Make the most of your winning. Make the most of your career. You are living the American (and probably the rest of the world) dream…

Footnote :

And Simon.. oh Simon..I’ve missed you already. You are irreplaceable. I was whining and grunting all day long because of you leaving Idol. Good luck, my Knight of Acerbic Tongue. American Idol won’t be the same without you.


  1. Simonnnnn... hhuhuhuuu. Come back!

  2. "I like Lee , I wanted him to win although I thought Crystal would win because Crystal has been the more popular contestant since the beginning but I guess what happened with Lee was he started to connect with the viewers, when
    he performed a duet with Crystal, 'Falling Slowly, then what really pushed him to the top was 'Hallelujah'

    "I think Lee has this problem singing live, and one of the biggest criticisms is that he sings kinda little bit off during the live performances. His strength is really in the recording. [Hallelujah studio version is amazing], and I believe Lee has been consistently the best among everybody in the show,with his cute face too...

  3. Why Simon left? Please come back, come back, come back. It won't be the same without you. Miss you already, miss your comments!!!!!