Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tangled : A (not) Princess Story

I've never realized how complicated my life was until I forgot some of my documents' passwords. Oh yes, don’t worry. I've got an emergency document that enlists all of my important documents and passwords, specially made for a situation like this. Unless, in my recent scenario, I forgot the password to that so-called emergency document too. It's like Alibaba, the King of Thieves, got himself stranded in front of his own treasure cave because he forgot how to "open sesame" it.
Come to think of it, I forgot more than half of my banking passwords, my internet this and that passwords and the numbers on my luggage locks. Geez, I even forgot my own mobile number sometimes, let alone its SIM card password.

Do we have to memorize so many passwords in our life? Remembering families’ important days and events has already occupying quite a number of spaces in my brain. With my age catching up, I found myself depending more and more to my other smart gadgets to do my memorizing. Thank goodness we have facebook to help remind us of other people’s birthdays, unless… one day I forgot my facebook password. Heaven forbids something unexpected happen to my helping gadgets. Don’t crash! Don’t lose it! Don’t hang! Just don’t…!

Apparently technology is not a guarantee to make my life easier. If Rapunzel got herself tangled in her own hair, I got myself tangled in my web of technology password thingy.

Anyone got a better solution for me? Please drop me a comment, I’d appreciate it very much. I want to untangled myself. Really. Seriously. Or… perhaps I should stick to the notebook... the paper notebook that is, with an actual pen to write on it :)

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  1. errrrr maybe you can use memopad in your cellphone :D
    i keep some passwords in one note and hiding it in special directory so that people won't realize that i keep the passwords there.

    but i never write down my bank card password cause i still can remember it. it means i don't have many cards, so i still can remember it hihihihi...