Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Woohoo! Holiday!

Things that only the Clown Kids did

Bali 2010

1. Ate Sushi Tei 3x in Bali, as if they’ve never ever tasted it anywhere else before. In Jakarta, for example.

2. Fell into the fish pond while feeding the fish. Not once. But twice. Granted to entertain the hotel guests and staff.

3. Took fresh bread from the buffet table to be fed to the fish. They got scolded by the waiters. We pretended that these Clown kids were not ours.

4. Scratched by a squirrel while feeding it with peanuts. That was 1-0 for the squirrel.

5. Blew out the candles that lit the pathway to a romantic restaurant in Karma Kandara. “Wait, they are not birthday candles, kids,” said the concierge lady with a smile.

6. Messed out the art stuff in every art shops from Ubud to Seminyak. As if looking and admiring was not enough for these kids. They had to touch, rearrange, break and criticize some of the stuff in every shops. Oh, the horror in the shopkeepers’ faces. We had to buy something from the stores as our way to apologize.

7. Nina didn’t want to get her feet dirty on the beach, but insisted on going to the beach. So, the brave Hulk-Daddy carried her forward, all the beach way.

8. Called every guys in Bali Bapak Ule. It was an imaginary name, and they found it hilarious. Luckily, Balinese people thought it was cute too.

9. Running and singing Ben10 theme song out loud in Maya Hotel, Ubud, from its lobby all the way down to the end of the hotel. Maya Ubud was a place known for its serenity, sanctuary, and definitely its quietness. Again, we pretended that those kids were not ours (tough luck) under the surprise gaze of the hotel guests and staff.

10. Dropped a fresh baked Bread Talk bread on the floor and said “Uh-Oh”.

11. Nina had to see the hotel doctor. Not once. But twice. One, her feet were bitten by bugs on our first day. Two, she got cold and fever at the end of the holiday.

Singapore 2010

1. Nina had to have her pictures taken in front of every Christmas tree she could find.

2. Destroyed other people Kodak Moment by crushing into their picture scene uninvited. Luckily, they did that with their puppy faces on, so that the strangers had no choice but to laugh and took the pictures with the Clown kids in them.

3. While other children were scared looking at people with Costumes in Comic Con (Alien, Predators, Star Wars, Iron Man, Wolverine, KISS), Nina went along asking these people,” Hi, can I take picture with you?”

4. The Comic Con committee had approached us to ask our permission to enroll Nina in their costume parade. While the mommy brain was blinking with the word showbiz, the Daddy simply be a kill-joy and turned down the offer on the spot. “Ok, Nin, there goes your first showbiz recognition.”

5. Got car sick inside a cab.

6. Fought over TV remote control and door key every day.

7. Built Lego-like building using the restaurants’ spoons, forks, chopsticks, plates, hand towels, cups, and bowls. And if the tools were not enough, they innocently waved the waitress to bring them some more cutleries.

8. Ordered Pizza in a food court and complained that the pizzas tasted nothing like Domino’s.

9. Riding a bus from Sentosa back to the city was probably the most fun ride they ever experienced.

10. Spent days and $$, with their Daddy, in toy stores.


  1. hahhahahahhah very cute. fighting over hotel room key happened to our holiday too. So, Mike caught a fish when he fell into the pond? Wonderful experience. At the end, they had a marvelous holiday right?

  2. They had a great time, mostly ... What not to like about holiday, no school, no homework, no study needed, no wake up early...