Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chasing A Dream

Chasing a dream is a hard work. Sometimes it seems so far away that it makes us feel hopeless. Yet the other times, it seems so close that we can smell it and almost snatch it.

I've been chasing my dreams since forever. Some of them came true, some of them not yet... I keep on chasing my dreams, up and down the hills in my high heels, skinny jeans and carrying an oversized handbag. Gee, no wonder I can't reach some of mine.
I should've worn Crocs, short pants and carried a backpack.

Chasing a dream should reflect who I am, not the person I want everybody to see. I should make myself comfortable in chasing my dreams...and you should be too.


  1. Am happy for you honey

  2. Mel, that's nice...I hope you will be good author.... (that's your dream too, right)...

  3. sometimes we wish for a high dream or expectation and it gets further to reach. if we don't wish to grab that expectation, then we are moving slow. hmmmmm, it is difficult!!!!! JUST DON'T STOP CHASING OUR DREAMS!!!!!!!