Saturday, March 20, 2010

Going away present

I just learned that one of my buddy is leaving Indonesia for good with her entire family. One of her kid is a friend of my son. My first reaction was (of course) bitchy. “NOOO!” “Not fair. Why didn"t you relocate to Magelang or Bandung? Why Europe?” “Who’s gonna do this and that for me?”

After all of those bitchiness and jealousy spread along on the table, I began to realize how happy I am for her and especially for her kids. This is a million dollar worth opportunity for them and for the kids’ future. She should go ahead and move forward. I will personally pack her inside a luggage if she hesitates even for one second. And yes, of course I will miss her. I will miss her kids. I will miss the comfortable zone I am in when she lives so close by to me. Who else could lend me batik, books, copy of school letters and homework? (my son is super careless at school, so both of us, me and my son, depend so much on her son for any school information). We can totally depend on her when it comes to food too. And nanny. And party. And (did I mention) school information?

I only know her for less than a year. However, she is sometimes the subject of my amusement and frustration. She is the type of person who is very kepo. Seksi sibuk, we call it. For her, sexy sibuk is more like it cos she is so-sexy in everything that she does. And I mean it in an adorable mocking way. She is also subject of my inspiration when writing about Women, like kita dan dugem, kita dan smoker (peace, dear).

Friendship, easy comes, easy goes. A good friend should make you feel comfortable, as comfortable as your old worn out pair of pajamas, or an old torn out pair of shoes. Those old pair of pajamas will let you be who you are. Once you feel that a friendship is more like a jewel accessories, shines only for other people to see, you need to re-evaluate the friendship itself. Because as pretty as it is, a jewel diamond accessory won’t make you feel as comfortable as your old worn out T shirt. But as comfortable as they are, sometimes we have to let our old pajamas go.

So, I am happy for her. I can’t wait to see her embracing her new life. I will be sad, off course. And I hope she‘s sad and devastated too for leaving us (gosh, my bitchiness never die). And I’ll try my best to make her cry her heart out for leaving us (grrr) so that I know that she cares about us here.

Happy for you. Go, pack your bags.. I wish you’ll miss Indonesian food so much that you’ll come home often. (My bitchiness dies hard).

Happy for you. Bring every piece of happiness you’ve found here and remember them forever. I hope you can’t stand the cold weather there and you’ll visit Bali often. (Another bitchiness strikes!)

Happy for you. Hope your kids find a comfortable loving home over there. Remind them about Michael and other friends and the Aunties. We will love them no matter where they live. (Not really bitchy now...)

Happy for you, old pajamas. I should start finding another person who I can borrow a batik shirt from.
I wish you are happy wherever you are. Because if you are happy, your family, especially your kids, will be happy too... (that’s it, my bitchiness ends..)


  1. ...will never again...
    will never again found somebody new in the sameway..
    (i think, you should starting to buy batik from now on haha...coz i dont have one)
    never again found some'buddy' with her 'kepo'things in the sameway...

    yupe... friendship easy comes, easy goes...
    yupe... just hold on to the memories which is never ends...
    ......hold on in every moments that have been shared...

    but your every single smile... will always be mine, in here... in heart...


  2. She is my angel and always there for me whenever I need her. I'm gonna miss her very much. keep in touch sexy buddy. I don't mind her kepo cos her kepo is always in positive ways. (heheheh). REMEMBER US please!!!!!!

  3. Ladies....m speechless....all of u are so precious for me, m very lucky and blessed to have u u so much!!