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It's A Wonderful Christmas

It’s A Wonderful Christmas
Friday 11 December 2009

My son’s school has just celebrated a Christmas concert. In an event sponsored and choreographed by the parents, this Christmas celebration was open to all students and parents regardless of their race and religion.
In my lifetime experience as a Catholic, this was my first experience coming to a Christmas celebration attended by quite variety of audience. There was a lot of “first times” for me too. The committee of this Christmas party was consisted of not only Christian-Catholic parents, but also non Christian-Catholic. Their contribution in so many ways, were more than was expected. The children who participated in the dance, drama, and choir were also coming from not just Christian-Catholic students, but other religions as well. And to add to my surprises, all of the parents and the children who actively participated and sponsored this event were doing this out of voluntary basis. No pressure. Pure voluntary.
It is easy to just say “no”, it is easy to just say “oh it’s not my religion”, “it’s not my party”, and “it’s not my concern”.

The event was very successful. We saw in the audience that the non Christian-Catholic parents came bringing their entire family to this event. The children merrily blend in, all wearing the Santa’s hats and red shirts. We even had Moslem parents sing Christmas songs on the stage, as a gift to us who celebrate Christmas.

Respecting others doesn’t mean that you will lose your identity. It makes your identity even stronger. It shows your character. How else would you describe devoted Moslem parents, walked on the stage and sang “White Christmas”. Or another devoted Moslem parent who helped documented most of the event herself.? The other Moslem parent who took care of basically everything, from hunting Santa’s costume, sponsored the gifts, to babysat the children when they practiced?
The contribution coming from the rest of us, the Christian-Catholic parents and students, are as equal as everyone else’s. And they are appreciated as well, no doubt about it. But, I have to be honest with myself. I must bow to the non Christian-Catholic parents, who has helped, contributed, and shared our Joyous celebration with us. They made this special season even brighter and more colorful. It was truly a wonderful Christmas indeed. Not because it was time to party or it was time for shopping. But because these non Christian-Catholic friends has put up a new meaning to the word tolerance, they showed the true meaning of peace and friendship, and most importantly they have brought us a new meaning of hope.

If only more people can see things from their perspective. If only the world leaders can see things from an innocent child’ eyes. On how the children blend perfectly well together, peacefully and merrily, without any confusion or accusation towards each others beliefs, faith, or religion. Before your respect others, you must respect yourself. And before you respect yourself, you must know who you are and your identity is. Respecting others, by sharing other people’s joy and celebration, doesn’t mean that you lose yours. It doesn’t mean that you lose your identity.

If only more and more people understand this, then the world peace is not that overrated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone.

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  1. My kids and I had a wonderful Christmas we had @ school. Hope we can do this every year (hehehe). A very high respect to my moslem friends who contribute their sweet voices for the Chritmas celebration. Totally agree with you as we need this unity and friendship no matter what we all have in faith. It was a success Christmas celebration.